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Jubilee Ministries offers a variety of services namely;

* Sacraments disclose and reveal God to us but also serve to make us receptive to God. All the Sacraments affect our personal relationship to God and to one another. The Holy Spirit works through the Sacraments. He leads us to Christ who unites us with the Father. By participating in the Sacraments, we grow closer to God and to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Although the Sacraments are addressed to each of us by name, they are experiences which involve the entire Church.

​ * Sunday morning worship service that starts from 09h00 and includes a blend of traditional worship with special music offerings from our worship team.
* Sunday School – Sunday mornings starting from 08h00.
* Women’s Group – Sunday evening starting from 17h00.
* Men’s Group – Monday evenings starting from 18h00.
* Prayer Session – Wednesday starting from 19h00.
* Youth – Friday evenings starting from 19h00.
* Teens – Saturday starting from 15h00.


Baptism - to welcome someone into the Christian religion by touching or covering them with water.

Weddings - an event where a man and a woman are publicly joined as husband and wife. They enter into a new relationship with each other, God, and the Church.

Communion - a Christian ceremony in which people eat bread and drink wine in order to remember the last supper of Jesus Christ.

Sermons - a speech made by a priest or religious leader, especially as part of a religious ceremony.

Christening - a religious ceremony during which a baby is made a member of the Christian religion and given a name.

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Men's Group

The men's group is established to help men grow in their relationship with God and build deep friendships with other godly men. A natural result of this is spiritually stronger men, husbands, fathers, families and churches. Also, a small group setting facilitates solid and deeper friendships with other men.

Colossians 1:28 "That we may present every man complete in Christ."

In Proverbs 27:17 we are told, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Strong men build up other strong men.

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Prayer Session

Incorporating a prayer ministry time into prayer sessions on a regular basis is one way in which we can be faithful in connecting the declaration of the Kingdom of God through teaching, worship and evangelism, with the demonstration and extension of the Kingdom through prayer and healing. Together, these components are a part of our faithful enactment of the gospel.

The more immediate purpose is to intercede with people by invoking the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and ministering wholeness, deliverance, peace, healing, reconciliation and the empowerment of individuals according to their needs through bible study.

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Women's Group

The women’s group centers on meeting the needs of women in the Church. The desire is to see women growing spiritually and developing their gifts to serve the church family and to serve the community outside the church. Uniting hearts and encourage each other as daughters of the Most High. We engage in prayer to uplift each other.

They are responsible for coordinating and leading events specifically for women which at times include hosting Bible studies or gathering events. Their primary goal is to assemble the women of the church to spend time together developing their knowledge of God.

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