Our youth include eight grade all the way through college students.

We strive to help youth develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by providing them the resources to grow in worship, ground them in the word, and give them opportunities to witness and serve others. We also give them the skills and the necessary support they need to make wise decisions at this critical time in their lives.

Jubilee Ministries is a country-wide ministry which strives to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences to draw teens into active, responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the faith community and the greater church. We are a Church reaching out to young people to embrace their gifts and to walk with them in their process of becoming all they can be.

We have a series of programs and activities to give young people a chance to participate in Church life, develop their own faith and spirituality, and discover new friendships.

JOur prayer is that as we minister to a generation starving for meaning, that won't lose sight of the reality that what these youth need is Jesus, and that he is most fully offered within the community of the church, of which they are a vital part.

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